Pepsi Max: Augmented Reality Bus Shelter Ad 

Very cool.  A interested take on blending digital with physical while standing around waiting for a bus.  Something to do other than read CNN, check social feeds, and email while standing around.

Pepsi Max: Augmented Reality Bus Shelter Ad | Digital Buzz Blog.


super bowl ad teasers – do they work? buehler? buehler?

A record number of advertisers have pre-released Super Bowl teasers this year on YouTube. The viewership numbers are astounding, with many in excess of 10 million . Pretty cool. But will this strategy have significant staying power beyond incremental impressions, particularly when the videos are essentially competing for YouTube share of voice?

They probably will, but leveraging the digital experience to engage customers effectively could be much, much bigger.

I believe the difference between great strategy and ok execution is continued, relevant, and emotional engagement, not just a buzz-generating video or meme.

Deutsch L.A. (VW’s creative agency) has nailed it with with a holistic digital experience that includes multiple brand touch points and solid viral elements that resonate with the target. You’ve probably seen VW’s The Bark Side, a favorite on YouTube, but did you realize it is one element of a multi-faceted campaign that goes well beyond TV and online video?  It includes websites, social sharing platforms, CRM, product tie-ins, dealerships, and test drives?

And, it doesn’t hurt that the campaign plays to two of the magic consumer engagement pillars of the internet: Pet Videos and Star Wars.  I say to Deutsch & VW, “May the Force be with you.”  I hope airing of The Dog Strikes Back during the big game isn’t a let down after all the pre-game planning.